Succeed as a CNA: Tips for Maintaining Professionalism

As with any other medical career, maintaining professionalism is paramount for your own protection. While a certified nursing assistant will engage with patients on a more regular and intimate basis than other nursing staff, it’s essential to maintain a specific level of professionalism to ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout your encounters.

When looking for CNA schools online it is important to put your best foot forward, and to understand the various levels of professionalism when applying for the training program in which you wish to participate. Maintaining a clear level of professionalism not only involves how you interact with patients, but also how you engage with others at work and your actual work ethic. The following tips are designed to ensure maximum professionalism.

Tip #1: Your Appearance at Work
Regardless of what any other source says, the most effective way to maintain your professionalism at work is based upon your appearance. Certified nursing assistants communicate with patients in a unique manner. Therefore, you must ensure your first impression is one of a professional. This is accomplished by ensuring your appearance is neat and tidy. Never arrive at work with dirty scrubs or unapproved outfits. You should strive to have a sterile appearance. This not only ensures you’re taken seriously, but eases patients. Imagine having a nursing assistant with stained scrubs that are wrinkled and ill-fitting. You wouldn’t take them seriously, would you?

Always make sure you wear clothing that is clean (free from stains). Make sure your shirts you wear under your scrubs are respectful and relatively bland. Avoid bright colors and inappropriate graphics. While you may have a wonderful perfume or cologne collection, this is not the time to wear it out. Many patients are sensitive to fragrances. Therefore, wear deodorant that’s free from fragrances and wash your clothes in a fragrance-free detergent.

Tip #2: Work Attendance and Tardiness
While this may seem like a no-brainer for many, it’s imperative to always show up to work on time. Although your employer will understand if special circumstances arrive and you’re unable to arrive on time (or at all) try your hardest to keep these at a minimum. The easiest way to lower your professional standing is to miss a significant amount of work or regularly arrive late. As the saying goes, if you’re on-time, you’re late. Strive to arrive at work at least 10 minutes early. This gives you ample to time to settle in for your shift and prepare your mind for the upcoming duties.

Missing a significant amount of work is never a good thing, regardless of your profession. In fact, if your work attendance is unsatisfactory, it can have serious consequences for your reputation.

Arriving on time and rarely missing work shows respect for your employer and co-workers. How would you feel if you consistently showed up for work, yet a peer who is always late and has frequent days off receives the same benefits as you? Respect yourself, your employer and your co-workers by striving to keep tardiness and absences at a minimum.